New FREE Programme Around Suicidal Thoughts & Ideas

Know anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings or ideas?    Here's a simple, FREE, confidential, online programme anyone can take.

While chatting with my beautiful friend Judy Nahkies about how I can make sure the book I just wrote can be as effective as possible, she came up with an idea that inspired this new programme.

Judy has been on the point of suicide many times in the last few years. But as she was searching for a way to commit suicide while making it look like an accident, she came across an understanding that changed everything.   

Her experience of life and those suicidal thoughts transformed so much, so simply and in such a short time, that Judy is now passionate about sharing this understanding with anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Judy's idea for me was to run an online programme based on my new book - on the same understanding that saved and transformed her life.  

It suddenly made sense to do this online programme together - for FREE - for anyone struggling with suicidal ideas, thoughts or feelings.

So if you know anyone who would like to end the struggle with suicidal ideation - check back here to find out more very soon - or contact me at

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What's New Around Health, Wellbeing & The Pandemic?

How easy is it for you to see an innate intelligence not only in the trees and the flowers, in the birds and the bees, but also in your own body?

Is there a limit to a body's brilliance and does that limit come into form when the body meets a virus?

Following our wonder FREE three-hour webinar on Sunday 28  with Tania Elfersy, Scott KellyLiliana Bellini and Sarah Phipp, discussing the question ...

IS THERE MORE TO SEE IN THIS PANDEMIC? A Three Principles Perspective.

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