Loving Life & The Power of WOW

I wonder how often you notice the WOW moments in your life?

The times you say "WOW" - or experience deep awe without words?

I wonder how often you use the "WOW" icon on Facebook or other social media? 

I wonder how much more you might find yourself loving life if you noticed WOW moments even more often???

The things that impact you may not be the same as the things that are WOW for me (and of course those change from day to day and moment to moment too).

This Power of WOW section is going to be a resource for WOW inspiration ... a collection of

  • Photos
  • Art
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Stories

and more that have or do impact me - and I'm sharing for my own joy and maybe to inspire some WOW in you.

More WOW photos coming soon


I wonder if you've noticed how "in the flow" you are - loving life, in the moment - and in need of nothing - when you experience these WOW moments?

I wonder what sort of art work gives you that WOW experience?

This is a painting I love by a beautiful artist friend of mine - CLICK HERE to see more work by Fi Knox

More WOW art coming soon


Fi painting night over sea