About Loving Life With Dr Anne Curtis

Here's a little bit about me - as Dr Anne Curtis ...

For over 30 years I trained and worked as a medical doctor, a sexual and relationship therapist, a psychotherapist, a life coach and an energy healer. I searched long and hard for THE answer to all life’s struggles and challenges! 

At the same time it seemed I was continually struggling - with my own relationships, with money and with feeling there was something more I was supposed to be or to do!

And then - an unexpected and very brief happening resulted in a completely different experience and understanding of life - to more peace around health, money, relationships, responsibilities, expectations and life in general, without anything changing on the outside.

Me windswept fancy
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Now I live life in every moment – without set plans or needs – following "intuition" and enjoying whatever occurs.

Recently I’ve felt inspired to share some of my own experience and fun and ideas here on the website  and through on the ground projects.   

Here's some of what's already available - or may be still in the inspiration stage just now ...

  • Being The One TIPS - my version of a BLOG - where I share what I'm seeing, hearing and experiencing in the moment.
  • WOW Power - a bunch of FREE WOW moments - in the form of photos, videos, quotes and other stuff that has wowed me.
  • And ... 

Being The One HINTS - in the form of fun online programmes to enjoy - including ...

  • Questions That Change Lives
  • Make Love For Life
  • The Secret of Everything
  • Cancer Without Fear
  • Powerful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
  • Peace, Love & Permaculture - or How You Can Change The World!

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What Other People Have Said ...

  • Being The Change

    “According to the Quran, the original state in which humans are created by God is called Fitra: the innate nature.

    Dr Anne Curtis guided me to my fitra with a simple but powerful experience, allowing me to feel
    Divine Love and Presence that is alive in every fiber of our being, waiting to be experienced through us onto our world. 

    Words cannot express how I feel. 
    Eternally grateful TwinSelf.”

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